Body Guard Background

Body Guard started its activities in 1982, in an informal manner, by Olimpio, Anderson Oliveira’s father, who is now the managing member of the company. However, it was from the work in the 1986 North-American production “Wild Orchid” that Body Guard started to dominate its niche in the market.

Little by little, the company got experience and recently it has an infrastructure and financial support able to face great challenges in its segment. This virtuous cycle provided scale winnings that allow Body Guard to satisfy, at any moment, the demands of all its clients, because its team is always working and can be easily redistributed, whenever is needed.

Due to this background, Body Guard brand is a reference, including overseas, and is usually associated with term compliance and appropriate workforce formation. For the professionals of this area, it has become a synonym of respect to labor laws, besides fair and punctual compensation.