About us

Absolute leader in security and operational support services for cinema and advertising in Brazil, Body Guard has its expertise and professionalism as the main pillars for its achieved success. This can be proved by its client portfolio and total transparency concerning labor laws and fiscal situation.

The company is a reference in the market. For a long time, it has been working with the main market producers, both national and foreign ones, which have been coming to act in Brazil. Its history shows services provided to American, English, French, Portuguese, and German producers, among other populations, and it is based in Rio de Janeiro, a city that has been more and more consolidated as an option for cinematographic industry locations, collaborating for the expectation of a continuous development in the next few years.

Quality and agility of the provided safety and operational support services, as well as the perseverance in joined work development, have accredited Body Guard to enter in the workforce outsourcing segment, as to gatehouse, reception, cleaning, and gardening areas. The company, which trains the hired professionals in its own place, is proud of not having found labor actions, of being updated as to all negative certificates and to not have any debts with the Brazilian Social Security Administration (INSS in Portuguese) or with the Brazilian Severance Pay Reserve Fund (FGTS in Portuguese).